Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Colorado - Day 2

Our first full day in Colorado was great!

In the morning, we went and watched Kyle at Swim Class.  It was great to see Kyle being such a little fish.  Alex wasn't a big fan of watching Kyle swim and not being able to get in the water himself!  In order to keep him sitting still, I had to feed Alex (and Katelyn) lots of snacks.  I had no idea two toddlers could eat so much in 30 minutes!

After swim class, we headed back to the house to pick up Nonna and Matt and shortly we were on our way to Fair Play, Colorado.  Yes, the place where South Park is based on!  Jenny's brother, Mike, is the fire chief of Fair Play and offered to give us a tour of the fire house.  Alex was so excited, the whole way there he was talking about seeing the fire trucks!  The fire house and fire trucks did not disappoint my 2.5 year old.  He was running between the trucks in such amazement.  Mike even let Kyle, Katelyn and Alex climb up into the cab of the trucks...talk about fulfilling a little boys (or girls) dream!  After looking at the fire trucks, we went into the fire house.  The boys loved running around and playing in there!

Once we were done at the fire house, they decided to take us to Breckenridge.  Breckenridge is an amazing little ski town.  It has a cute little village with shops and restaurants.  The views from town were incredible - huge mountains everywhere.  It was so neat to see the mountains and the ski paths cut out.  We went to dinner in Breckenridge at sports bar in town - great food!  After dinner we walked around a little bit and I got Larry a shirt and coffee mug, Alex a shirt and shot glass for our collection.  The kids started to get a little restless, so we decided to head home for the evening.

We had a great day being tourists...so fun!!

Here are some pictures from the day:

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