Thursday, July 15, 2010

Colorado - Day 4

Tonight, Jenny, Matt and I went to a casino about an hour away from the house.  Even though we lost every penny we put in the slot machines (well, Jenny and I did), we had a blast!  At point, Jenny and I were laughing so hard (mostly at ourselves) that we had tears rolling down our faces :)  I love that we can have a great time together even when we are losing money!

For dinner we ate at one of the casino buffets.  It was really good!  It is always surprising to me the different types of people that come to buffets.  All-you-can-eat crablegs were served and boy did people take advantage of that.  Seriously, people would come to their tables with two plates STACKED with crablegs...I guess they didn't realize you could go back more than once.  All-you-can-eat does not mean all-you-can-grab-on-the-first-time-around!

Nonna (Jenny's Mom) and Lisa (Jenny's sister) graciously watched all 4 kids for us.  It was such a nice treat to be able to just go out with adults and not have to worry about chasing Alex around.  I think Alex was pretty well-behaved for Nonna and Lisa and I think that he might have fallen in love with Lisa a bit - he has been talking about her since that night!  Thank you both again for watching Alex!

Here are pictures from our third full day in Colorado:

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