Monday, July 12, 2010

My Little Traveler

Alex could not be more excited that today was the day we got to go on the "jet-plane" to Colorado.

We drove to the airport and he pointed all the planes he saw in the sky, he made up a little song about flying ("jet-plane, jet-plane...I'm coming!") and talked about flying the whole way to the airport (about 2 hours).

Once we got to the airport, we gave our bag to the baggage guys, got our ticket and went thru security.  Alex did pretty well, though he didn't completely understand why they were taking our stuff on the belt - he was much more calm when we got everything back.  After we made our way to our gate, we found our way to a window and Alex was in awe!  He loved seeing the planes, trucks and people working.  He waved to several men down on the tarmac.

We got to the airport a bit early, so we had a wait awhile before we got on the plane.  This was, by far, Alex's most disappointing part of the trip.  He did not know why all these planes were coming and going and we were just waiting in the airport.  Probably thought it was some cruel trick on him!  We kept ourselves busy during the wait walking in and out of stores, getting a snack and drink and walking up and down the gate.

When it was time to get on the plane, Alex was so excited.  We found two seats and I buckled his car seat into his seat (yes, we brought his car seat on the plane, I figured that would be the easiest way to contain him for a 2.5 hour plane ride).  He happily climbed in and asked for his cup, his blankie, his puppy and his pappy (pacifier).  He loved take-off and fell asleep shortly after.  Much to my surprise, he slept until we get ready for landing...almost 2 hours!  I was able to eat my snack, drink my soda and read a book...pure heaven for me!

As we landed, Alex kept saying "woohoo"!  We made our way off the plane in Denver and quickly found Aunt Jenny!  We were so excited to see her (well, I was...Alex was still a little grumpy from waking up from his nap).

All-in-all, our travel experience was so good and I couldn't help but bragging about my boy to everyone :)

Here are some pictures:

Waiting to leave the house...he has his backpack all packed:

Waiting on the this one:

Looking at everyone on the tarmac:

On the plane:

And proof that the boys CAN play nicely together when they want to:

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