Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feeding the Dogs

Larry has started to let Alex "help" him feed the dogs at dinner time. Alex looks forward to it each day. So much so that during the day, he often goes to the closet where we keep the food, tries to open it and tells me "dog".

He has gotten quite good at scooping up the food, carrying it in the cup and dumping it in each of the dog bowls! Larry has taught him how to use two hands to carry the cup so he doesn't spill the food (something he was doing when he first started) and he is so stinkin' cute carrying that little cup and concentrating so hard! When he does drop some food, he goes over to it and picks up each individual piece and puts it in the bowl. Sometimes he just amazes me with everything he is learning ;)

Tonight, I got a few pictures of him feeding the dogs.

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