Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Funday

Today, the weather was absolutely beautiful! Larry and I decided to take advantage of it and took Alex to the park. Well, we actually took him to two different parks - the first was one that we had heard about and we spotted the second on the way to the first! The second park was by far the best one that we have been to in the area - it is part of an elementary school though. There were no signs saying we couldn't be there (the only sign we saw said that we couldn't bring animals), so we figured we would take Alex!

After we got home from the parks, Alex took a nice two hour nap. Larry was nice enough to stay home with him (he had homework, so he really didn't have much of a choice), while I ran some errands (getting a pedicure and know, the REALLY important things)!

I got home a few minutes after Alex woke up from his nap and Larry and I decided to open up the pool/sprinkler that we had gotten for him last week at Target. He absolutely LOVED it! It was so much fun to see him slipping, laughing and having a blast!

We had a great day outside and I got some great new pictures. Here are two new slide shows with pictures from our day!

Fun at the park(s):

Pool/Sprinkler Fun:
(the pictures are blurry because I forgot to put the camera on the correct setting...sorry)

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