Thursday, June 11, 2009


I took Alex to the Sprayground again today! I told you all that we would be returning soon! In fact, I think we might be going on Saturday with Larry (so he can experience the Sprayground with Alex also)!

We did have a little problem today though! Alex has really been into scooping up water in a cup during bathtime and pouring it on himself (or one of us). Today at the Sprayground, he took his bucket, filled it up and starting pouring it on little kids that were near him. One of the kids that he dumped water on was a girl a little younger than him. Her mom was not pleased and let me know! I told her that I was sorry - he just thought he was playing! It was one of those moments that was pretty funny...had it not have happened in public!

This time I took pictures with a real camera, instead of my cell phone!

Here is a slideshow of our time at the Sprayground:

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AWillman said...

I think it's funny! Wouldn't have cared at all if he did that to Nora.