Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Painting Fun

I let Alex color with paint markers today while I was making dinner! It was fun and messy! I loved seeing his little mind get creative and watching how it translated to paper! Luckily, the paints are washable because he had paint all over his hands, on his belly and on his face - it was definitely a bath night!

He had a great time and colored Daddy a beautiful picture! When Larry got home from work, I told Alex to go get his picture to give to Daddy. He did and he was so proud of himself!

Maybe our little man will get the drawing gene that I am so desperately lacking!

Oh, you might notice that he is still using both hands to color with! He is displaying signs of being both a lefty and a righty. I'm anxious to see what hand he actually ends up using! We have a few people in my family that use their left hands and of course Larry is a lefty, so it is a very good possibility that he may wind up being left-handed!

Here are a few pictures:

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