Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alex LOVES Lily...

...and Lily plays dead around Alex!

As most of you know, Larry and I are highly allergic to cats (Larry much more so than myself - he actually started sneezing when I showed him the pictures of Alex and Lily...I'm just kidding!)! Alex, however, LOVES cats!

At my Grandma's house this week, all that Alex wanted to do was play with Grandma's cat. Grandma's cat did not want anything to do with Alex. He would run away from him and hiss whenever Alex came towards him! When you now ask Alex what a kitty says, he used to say "meow" he hisses at you - so funny!!

Fortunately, at my Aunt and Uncle's house Lily allowed Alex to hold her! Kristy was able to catch Lily and as soon as Lily noticed Alex coming toward her, she started to play dead (went limp and everything). Lily let Alex hold her for a few minutes and Alex LOVED it. He was so gentle with her, petting her and smiling so big when she was sitting in his lap! It really was quite cute!

Unfortunately for Alex, we are will NEVER own a cat!

Here are a few pictures of Alex and Lily...enjoy!

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