Thursday, August 27, 2009


On my birthday, we decided to take Alex to the Sprayground. It is always a good way to let him get rid of some energy and provides lots of fun pictures! Today was no exception. He had a great time and I got lots of cute pictures! You know that you are getting older when one of the highlights of your day is going to the Sprayground!

We are struggling with a few basic concepts in public, especially at the Sprayground. I am really trying hard to work on him not being so aggressive with other kids. He doesn't mean to be mean, he just wants to play with them so bad that he doesn't realize that he may be pulling on them a little too hard. I am also teaching him sharing - that it isn't appropriate to just go up to another child and steal their bucket or toys...this is a hard concept when you are an only child and all the toys around you belong to you! I don't want him to be the Sprayground bully, but as of right now, it is kind of looking like he is! Part of the problem is that he is very outgoing and just doesn't know how to express it. I want to get him enrolled in a "Mother's Day Out" program - he needs more interaction with children.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Alex at the Sprayground:

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