Thursday, December 17, 2009

2 Year Pediatrician Appointment

Today, Alex had his 2 year pediatrician appointment. Yes, it was two months and a day late...but who is counting!

The appointment went great! First he was weighed - 28 pounds, then he was measured - 36 1/8 inches and then his head was measured 18.5 inches. His weight puts him in the 40th percentile, his height puts him in the 80th percentile and his head puts him in the 15th percentile. Thats right, we have a tall, lean child with a small head!

As always, we really enjoy talking to Dr. Whitaker (we really will miss him when we move to Huntsville, but he gave us the name of another pediatrician that he recommends Dr. Kevin Ellis, so we will definitely be calling him in a few months). Dr. Whitaker takes the time to answer all of your questions, doesn't make you feel rushed and really seems to geniunely care about both the child and the patient. We had a few questions about Alex being a picky eater and Dr. Whitaker basically told us that he will eat what he wants, when he wants and that is okay. I am not to become a short order cook! We are to make one thing at dinner that he does like and then serve him what we are eating and see how it goes. We are also supposed to give him healthier snacks throughout the day! Dr. Whitaker really makes us feel like we are doing an okay job at this whole parenting thing :)

Finally came the shots. Alex received three this time. He really did good with all of them. Only screaming for a few seconds when they poked him and then pushed the medicine in. Once that was over, he was just fine...especially after we gave him one of his coveted lollipops :)

As a parent, it is a great thing to hear your child is doing well physically, mentally and meeting all his milestones. It is nice when the pediatrician validates the work you have been doing.

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