Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back in Alabama

After a long 15 hour drive, an exciting re-route through DOWNTOWN Atlanta (with a U-Haul, pulling a trailer with the Mariner), much fast-food consumption, many laughs and giggles, quite a few hours of DVD watching (by Alex), eating many snacks and Mike & Ikes (again by Alex...thank you Aunt Sheena), a torrential downpour on the last 30 minutes of our journey from Troy to Enterprise, and four very tired adults....WE MADE IT BACK TO ALABAMA!!

We are home and enjoying life back in Enterprise. Alex is getting used to the house and all the toys he left behind! Apparently we didn't need to buy him any Christmas presents, we just needed to bring him back to the ones we left behind!

Since we are in the process of unpacking, I haven't taken any pictures of Alex with our camera in the past few days. Sheena has a few cute ones on her camera from the roadtrip, so as soon as she sends them to me, I will share them with you all. But because we know the real reason that you call come here for (the Alex pictures), Larry did snap this cute one of him laying on the table watching TV!

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