Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cards

Since we will be moving this weekend, Larry and I worked extra hard to get our Christmas cards in the mail before we left Maryland. We were successful and they all went in the mail yesterday. If I have your address, you should be getting your card later this week.

However, I am so excited about the design of them, that I can't help but sharing! My friend Amanda has an Etsy shop ( and she designs holiday cards, gift and note cards, digital scrapbooking supplies and even does a little sewing! I definitely recommend contacting her if you need anything done - she is amazing!

I sent her my six favorite pictures from this past year (well, really just this past month or so) and she designed four cards for me. I selected two of the designs and put them inside our Christmas cards. I absolutely love them and hope you will, too!

Here are the designs:

And this one was another favorite, but we didn't use it:

Hope you all enjoy them just as much as we did!


The Blue Sparrow said...

They turned out really nice!

Anonymous said...

We got our card and loved it! I really like the pic of you and Larry in front of the LOVE statue. ~Terra