Thursday, December 24, 2009

Presents from Aunt Jenny & Nona Lynn

On Christmas Eve, we let Alex open his gifts from Aunt Jenny and Nona Lynn (Jenny's Mom).

Jenny got him two Geo-Trax sets, a Handy Manny Toy and two pairs of PJ's (Wonder Pets and Buzz Lightyear). Nona Lynn got him a tool box with a spinning/working drill and a super-cute long sleeve shirt. As much as Alex loved the toys, he loved the Wonder Pet jammies just as much. We changed into them shortly after opening them!

Thank you both Jenny and Lynn! Thank you for caring enough about our son to include him in your holiday shopping. It means to the world to us to know that we have such amazing friends/family like you! We truly are blessed!

Here are a bunch of pictures from present opening:

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