Friday, December 11, 2009

Bye-Bye TPS

Today, Larry had the opportunity to take us to TPS one last time. Larry, Jr., Sheena, Alex and I went with him and we were able to get quite a few good pictures.

Each class leaves the School a gift. This year, the students decided upon a "kiddie" airplane ride. The airplane was painted to match the planes at TPS and all of the students signed the top of it. When you pushed the button to make it go, it played the theme from "Top Gun"! It turned out amazing and Alex LOVED it! The best part about is free! I wish they would have put it in sooner, Alex and I could have spent many afternoons there :)

Also, Alex was able to try on a real helment and really liked it! He kept telling us "my hat"!

Here is are a few pictures from our last tour at TPS! Oddly enough, I am really going to miss the place.

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