Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alex's Cool Jacket

Last year for Christmas, Grandpa Larry got Alex a green jacket (like Larry's) and had patches put on it. It is a 2T and will be perfect for this winter. Last week Larry took it someplace and had three additional patches put on the back. He had a Blackhawk patch, the TPS patch and his class patch put on! We let Alex try it on when he brought it home and Alex LOVED it! The zipper has a little airplane on it, so he kept saying "airpane". He is also really into pockets right now and we later found one of his puzzle pieces in one of the pockets :)

Here are a few pictures of Alex in his super-cool new jacket:

The back of the jacket:

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Anonymous said...

Great Jacket....way to go Grandpa Larry....Very cool!!!! Love Aunt Kristy