Saturday, October 31, 2009

Disney on Ice

Our weather was not cooperating for Trick-or-Treating, so Larry and I made the decision to take our Batman to the Disney on Ice show in Baltimore. We arrived at the arena and discovered that we had amazing seats. We were sitting right in front of the ice and could see the characters as they came out - not too bad for buying them about 6 hours before the show.

On our way to the show, we decided that when Alex had "enough" (parents, you know what I am talking about), we would leave. No pressure! He is only 2, so we didn't expect too much out of him! To our amazement, he sat and watched the entire show. He was wide-eyed, singing, dancing and LOVED it! From the moment that the characters started dancing, he was so into the show. He got a little restless during intermission, but once we gave him a lollipop and the show started again, he was good to go! We wound up staying for the entire show.

I had always heard that seeing things through your kids eyes' is like seeing things for the first time. I had really never experienced that...until this show! Watching Alex watch the show was worth every dollar we spent on it! It made my heart smile to know that he was enjoying himself and that he loved what was going on. I am so excited to experience so much more with him now!

We took a bunch of pictures...both of Alex watching the show and of the ice show itself. Enjoy them.

Also, here is a short video that I took with my cell phone of Alex watching the show! I know that it is dark and not the best quality, but it just shows you how into the show he actually was!

We know that we didn't celebrate the traditional Halloween, but we created memories that we will treasure forever. We have years of Trick-or-Treating ahead of us, but last night was something that no amount of candy could have replaced!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

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