Sunday, October 4, 2009


Since we were having another amazing weather day, we took Alex to the park again. Not only is it great to go outside when the weather is this nice, letting him run around the park is a GREAT way to get rid of some of his little boy energy!

The park that we went to today was a little busier than our normal playground. Alex did pretty good with the other little ones.

His newest things is to stick his tongue out when he is concentrating on something. It is so funny and we don't know who he got it from. You will notice in a lot of the pictures that he has his tongue out :)

Also, tonight for dinner we decided to walk up to the Panera Bread restaurant and pull Alex in his wagon. The trip is about 2.25 miles round trip, so not too bad! We ate outside at one of the little tables and let Alex sit in a chair. He thought he was such a big boy!

I just love this weather we are having right now and I love being able to take advantage of it!

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