Monday, October 12, 2009

Clean Up, Clean Up!

Today, Larry and I decided enough was enough! We felt like our living room was being overrun with toys that Alex didn't play with that much, toys that were buried at the bottom of the toy box and a kitchen that was an accident waiting to happen! First, we went through the toy box and found a bunch of stuff that Alex didn't even know he had! Seriously, the bottom of the toy box was like a black hole! Then we decided what we wanted to keep, sell and give away. After that, I went to Target and got the "itso" brand cubes and canvas bins. We put them together, put the toys away and all of the sudden, we got a little more of our living room back :) Most of it was all done while Alex was sleeping, so when he woke up Alex loved the new set-up and was so excited to see toys that he hadn't seen in months!

Also, as if all that wasn't enough, we went through all of Alex's clothes. We packed up all of the things that he has grown out of and brought out a few new things that we had stored away. He is now mostly in a 2T or 24-month size for length, but his waist is still so skinny that he almost needs an 18-month in that. We have found that adjustable pants (or shorts) are a great thing! Unfortunately, since Larry and I aren't done having kids, I don't want to part with any of Alex's clothes. So for now, they are packed away in several bins, waiting to see if eventually Alex will have a little brother that needs the clothes!

As for what we are going to sell, we decided to part with the toy box, his Little Tikes kitchen set and a few little toys that he has outgrown. I first offered them to the families in Larry's class, but will probably just list them on Craigslist. We have kept most of his toys in great condition, so they should be easy to sell.

Today was just another step towards realizing that our baby is growing up and becoming quite the little man! All in all, we are quite pleased with the results!

Before (this is a bit extreme...normally it isn't THIS messy):


Alex thought the door was a hiding spot for him! He is so crazy:


Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

That is so cute. I have been sticking to the rule that whenever a new toy comes in the house, one has to leave it.
We donate most things, but I have a few items I'm keeping for the "maybe baby" in our future.

Doesn't it feel nice to purge?

Sarah said...

Stephanie - what started most of our cleaning is that his birthday is this coming Friday and we knew we had to get rid of some of the old stuff! We are giving away a bunch of the smaller items, but we need to sell the kitchen and toy box because we just bought them a few months ago and the money will be put towards birthday (and/or Christmas) presents!
I'm totally keeping a bunch for the "hopefully baby" in our future!
And yes, it felt great to get rid of that stuff!

Anonymous said...

We bought some shelves and bins similar to this at Lowes. They are awesome! We've been sorting through Emilee's little baby toys and storing what's just too young for her. It's so sad!

Juls said...

Now all you need is a lable maker! God knows I love mine. I first started with pictures of things that could go in AB or C, now that the kids can read, they have lables. And though I first thought it was my ODC kicking in, but to be honest the kids don't mind cleaning up if they know where everything goes.
Wow, Alex is going to be when is the baby sister coming J/K lol