Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Even though it was predicted to be a rainy day, we thought we would brave the weather (or rather pray that it wouldn't rain) and take Alex to a pumpkin patch we have heard great things about. Lucky for us, it only started drizzling for a few minutes and we enjoyed a cloudy day the rest of the time!

We went to Bowles Pumpkin Patch in Leonardtown, Maryland! They had a petting zoo, barrel rides, a kiddie maze, a straw pit and corn pit for the kids to play in, a corn maze, wagon rides and of course, a pumpkin patch. Alex and rode the barrel ride together and he LOVED it! He enjoyed the petting zoo - he was making all sorts of animal noises while we were in there visiting the animals. He had a great time in the corn pit - seriously, putting corn in a sand box like contraption is a genius idea! We walked through the corn maze and he was a little unsure of it. We couldn't tell if he didn't like the sound of the wind rustling through the corn stalks or if he was afraid of the tractor noises in the distance. They were having a tractor pull right near the corn maze and it was a little loud (yes, apparently they have tractor pulls in the North also)! All-n-all, I think Alex had a great pumpkin patch experience and we had a great time watching him have fun!

Also, they had fresh baked pumpkin pies! I definitely bought one and we have definitely eaten some tonight! It is delicious!

Here are quite a few pictures from the Pumpkin Patch! Hope you enjoy them!

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