Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fashion Sense??

This morning, I started to wash breakfast dishes, realized that Alex was being a bit too quiet and checked in the living room to see what he was doing. Well, he had managed to get out of his jammies (the footed, zippered kind) and his diaper! I quickly re-dressed him before we had an accident. I went back in the kitchen to finish the dishes and walked into the living room when I finished and this is what I found:

Backwards Atlanta Braves hat, Woody Boots/Slippers and diaper! I just let him stay like this. Eventually though, he started whining that he wanted his jammies back on. I put them on, but the outfit wasn't complete without his Boots/Slippers over top of his footed/zippered jammies!

I wonder where this kid gets his fashion sense and I pray that he it just gets better with age :)

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