Saturday, October 10, 2009

Game Day - ROLL TIDE!!

It is Saturday, so that means that our TV is tuned to Alabama football. Today, they played the Ole Miss Rebels. After a good game, they beat Ole Miss 22 to 3....ROLL TIDE!!

As always, we all put on our Alabama jersey's...and as always, I got a couple of cute pictures of Alex!

Ready for the game to start:

"Cheese"...I just love this picture:
He decided to put on his construction hat and goggles:

And now he is wearing his construction hat and goggles AND his swim goggles:

Here are a few pictures that he wanted me to take with the camera...he kept saying "cheese":


Anonymous said...

Great pics.....I think he looks like the nutty professor in a few of those.....Tell Larry "GO GATORS", "GO BLUE" !!!! Love Aunt Kristy & Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

Got just one question....Is that how most Bama Fans look ???? Just asking....."ROLL TIDE" must be an Alabama thing (DUH)!!!!! Still loving you...Aunt Kristy & Uncle Mike