Sunday, October 25, 2009

Picture Preview

Today, Larry, Alex and I FINALLY had some professional pictures taken! We decided that we wanted to take them in an outdoor setting (we realize that Alex is not at the age where he can sit in a studio and be "posed").

After looking online, I came across Liz Donovan Photography - I contacted Liz and we set up an appointment for today at 10:30 am at the Navy Rec Center at Solomon's Island. The Navy Rec Center has beautiful wooded areas, several playgrounds and a pier - the perfect setting for our family pictures. In fact, right now the leaves are changing and it is absolutely beautiful outside! The session went really great and we really liked Liz. She spent about an hour and half with us and told me this afternoon that she took 552 pictures!

We were fortunate that Alex was somewhat cooperative. Of course, he is two years old and doesn't want to sit still for too long, but Liz has two children of her own so she knew that she would have to chase after him to get good shots!

Shortly after we got back home, Liz e-mailed me two "sneak peeks" of our photo session. I asked her if it was okay that I share them with you all and she said "of course!"

Here are two preview shots of our photo session today. I can't wait until I can show you more!

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