Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Betty Crocker...I am NOT!

In an attempt to be a little more domesticated and enjoy some of the traditions I loved growing up, Larry and I made cut-out cookies tonight! We cut a few corners and used the pre-made Pillsbury sugar cookie mix. After rolling out the dough, we cut-out the cute little patterns - we even let Alex join in on the fun and press down a few cut-outs.

We thought that we were doing great...until the first batch came out of the oven! They were unrecognizable and all squished together. We thought maybe we didn't roll out the dough enough, but the subsequent batches didn't look much better...they were VERY thin (think Wheat Thins).

We are hoping that once they are iced they will look a little better (not likely, since we plan on having Alex help with that, too)!

I really miss my Mom - she had cookie making down to an art! Larry and I are hoping that by the time Alex realizes what we are doing, our cookie attempts won't be so pitiful!


Anonymous said...

ok that is hiliarious......I will make you cut-outs for Christmas for god sakes Alex needs to know what real grandma Kathy cut outs look like. We taught you better than that !!!! Of course Amanda wouldn't do much better..Maybe i should hold a class for the two of you, cause if something happens to me the both of you are screwed. Love Aunt Kristy

Sarah said...

At least I can get away with saying it was our first attempt...EVER! Surely they will get better over time :) I know they would be 10 times better if I had used Mom's receipe, but that is at home in Enterprise.