Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Husband...The World Traveler!

Larry landed safely in London, England at 5:30 am local London time (12:30 am Maryland time). After getting their bags and rental car, they got on the road and headed a few hours down the road for Salisbury, England. Salisbury is about half way to their destination of Culdrose, Cornwall, England. After flying all night, they decided it was best not to make the 6 hour trip to the Air Force Base in Culdrose, Cornwall, England.

After talking to Larry this afternoon, he told me that they had lunch at an English Pub (and he had fish and chips), walked around the town of Salisbury, saw an amazing Cathedral (I'm anxious to see pictures) and were able to go see this:

Yep, that's right...Larry went to see Stonehenge. He said it was incredible in person. He got better pictures with the camera he took with him, this is only a picture that he sent me from his cell phone! Even in this picture, it looks amazing!

I let Larry know when I was going to be putting Alex down for naptime and he called and read one of his favorite books to him over the phone. It was so sweet - and felt as though Larry was right there with us, not over 3500 miles away! Here was the picture that I took and sent to Larry shortly after he read him his story:

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping little one?!

When I talked to Larry tonight, he told me that they went to a little Italian place near their hotel for dinner. Yes, Italian in England...and he said that the food was REALLY good! After dinner he said that they went to a pub near the hotel to "unwind"! It sounds like he had a great first day :)
Tomorrow, they are waking up bright and early and heading to the Air Force Base that they will be working/flying at for the next 10 days! I probably won't have too many more interesting things to report over the next few days...he will be busy working and flying!

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