Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grandma Kathy's Birthday Celebration

For Grandma Kathy's birthday, we got her two balloons - a "Happy Birthday" one and a "Cars" one! Bet you can't guess who picked out the "Cars" balloon?! We also got a six-pack of cupcakes from a local grocery store (not nearly as good as Publix cupcakes, but they served their purpose).

After lunch, we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate the cupcakes. Alex loved that part! I'm sure that you can tell that from the pictures :) At naptime, I read Alex the book by Dr. Suess called "Happy Birthday to You". It is a book that we only read one people's birthdays! We waited until after naptime to send the balloons up to Grandma Kathy, and like always, it was so very bittersweet for me!

Alex still doesn't understand why we are sending balloons to heaven, but he is now starting to wave bye-bye to them and saying "lub you"! I am excited for the day that I will be able to explain to Alex why we send balloons to heaven and who we are sending balloons to!

Here are some pictures from the day:


Anonymous said...

The pictures are priceless along with the cars balloon...She loves them wherever she is....The only thing better than the pics were if she were here, & she too would pick the cars balloon from Alex. Love Aunt Kristy

Sarah said...

As sad as the day was because she wasn't here to celebrate with us, it was a nice day together! I like the way that we celebrate her and I can't wait until the day when Alex knows what we are doing (I'm thinking maybe next year)!

Anonymous said...

These are such sweet traditions. Alex will love his grandparents so much thanks to the precious ways you keep them a part of your lives. Terra