Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Portrait Innovations Photo Shoot

After a bunch of prodding from Nana Lynn (Jenny's Mom), we took the kids to get a few pictures taken together for Christmas.

Kyle was acting like a little GQ model - posing, smiling on cue and just acting cute!

Katelyn was in a good mood and smiling like such a pretty little girl!

Alex was the worst out of the bunch. He had no patience (which meant that Mommy had no patience with him). He would only sit still for a few seconds...and only if he had a lollipop in his hand! There was no smiling on cue for him - he had to be bribed with a toy or candy to even give us the slightest hint of a smile! This was just another reminder of why we had candid pictures taken just a few weeks ago - he was much more cooperative that day!

Luckily though, we got a few great shots of the three kids and a few good shots of them individually. When it came time for a group shot (with Jenny and I), the kids would not sit still and we were unable to get a good group picture! Oh well - we can't get too greedy!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


AWillman said...

I love that place but sometimes Nora just doesn't agree. Glad you had a patient photog that still got good shots.

Sarah said...

Yes, we were lucky to get a few good shots! I have to say that our best experience was when we hired the photographer and did outdoor family shots a few weeks ago. Alex is much better with candid shots and not posed shots!