Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Today, since Alex is getting over being sick, we are going to be spending Thanksgiving at home, relaxing. We will be eating turkey (our famous bag turkey that we LOVE), stuffing (Stove Top - because I am not nearly brave enough to attempt my Mom's), cranberry sauce, cheesy hashbrown potatoes, orange jello (no holiday is complete without it) and for dessert, pretzel salad (YUMMY!)!

Does that sound like enough for two adults and a child that doesn't eat much?! I know that I completely overcook - it is a trait that I get from my Mom!

Now that the stress of Larry's DT2 report is over, we are finally able to enjoy time together as a family and that is something that I am truly thankful for!

This year, we are thankful for the opportunities that have been presented to us this past year, thankful for our health and happiness, thankful for our wonderful families and amazing friends, thankful for our beautiful son and thankful for each and every blessing that God has set before us this year (and in the years past)!

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