Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off to Ohio...

While Larry is away, Alex and I decided to go on a roadtrip! Our destination…Westerville, Ohio – to see Jenny, Kyle and Katelyn (and Tim and Jackie, too)!

We left Maryland around 8 am and arrived in Ohio around 3:30 pm. Not too bad! We stopped for lunch, stopped once for gas (and M&M’s for Alex) and stopped once for a minor mishap. The minor mishap: Alex decided to take the cup holder off of his car seat and get his foot stuck in it. I found it hilarious...Alex, not so much!

Alex was such a good boy in the car. He watched several movies,

read a few books,

loved on his Pooh bear

and ate a few (okay, quite a few) M&M’s. Can you see the chocolate on his face?

He never napped though – for some reason lately, he has not been napping in the car.

When we got to Ohio, we were welcomed with open arms, Chicken Taco Soup and plenty of room for Alex to run off his energy!

I had a blast on this roadtrip with one of my favorite guys in the world...and I can't wait for many more!


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a bad mommy but I think paci mouths are adorable. I guess it reminds me of when they were bitty babies. I also love his blanket. Emilee's two favorite things right now are her satiny taggie blanket and her paci. Can't go anywhere without them! Love you guys! Terra

Sarah said...

I try not to give him his pacifier so much, but he is getting his 2 year molars and I get so tired of the whining ;). He loves his blanket - we can't travel without it!