Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Trip to the Walk-In Clinic

Alex has had a runny/stuffy nose and cough for about 10 days. He has had a fever on and off during this time, but the fever never went about 101 degrees and was always controlled with Tylenol.

I finally started to get worried when I heard the cough in his chest and heard him breathing a little harder than normal. We decided that it would probably be the best thing to take him into the Walk-In Clinic before the holiday and before traveling to Philadelphia for the weekend.

Fortunately, there was no one else at the Walk-In Clinic and we were taken care of and treated fairly quickly. I think we were in and out in about an hour - a miracle in itself! Luckily, Alex was looked over and we were given a diagnosis of an Upper Respiratory Infection, which is viral. Because it is viral, we were not given any antibiotics - they did however give us a great cough medicine for him! We were told to give him plenty of fluids (which we have been trying to do), run a humidifier in his room (which we had been doing for approximately 5 days prior to taking him in), a little extra rest (you try making Alex rest...ha ha), use Vicks Vaporub (been using that religiously for about 5 days as well) and give him his cough medicine. The doctor also gave us the okay to head to Philadelphia for the weekend!

Oh, while we were there, they weighed him and he weighs approximately 28 pounds! He returns to Dr. Whitaker on December 17 and we are anxious to get his exact weight, height and head measurement!

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