Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Few Days in Ohio...

Tim and Jackie's (Keith's parents) house has a HUGE backyard. The backyard is equiped with a swingset, a little playhouse, bubble mowers and a BIG four-wheeler. During our visit in Ohio, the kids spent a lot of time out there playing. Alex was so excited to have a big yard to play in - we don't have much of one here at our townhouse in Maryland!

I took my camera out with me often to take pictures of the kids while they were playing! I really loved seeing the three of them playing with each other. As kids growing up, Jenny and I used to always talk about watching our kids playing with each other - I am so glad we are able to do it!

Kyle and Alex had a little trouble getting along. It truly is like they are brothers. They would be wrestling around with each other and then the next minute they would be hugging. They would be yelling at each other and then sad that the other wasn't around. When Kyle was spending too much time with another little boy at the playground, Alex would start running around saying "Ky, Ky"and want him to play with him! And yet, at the end of every night, they hugged each other and said "night-night"! In the midst of all of it, Katelyn would be playing and ignoring them - she is such a sweet baby girl! Jenny and I loved it :)

Here are a few pictures from our first couple of days in Ohio:

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